Workday Finance: Payroll Accounting

Category Business Process Description Audience Tip Sheet Tutorial
Finance Assign Costing Allocation Tasks Learn how to complete Assign Costing Allocation inbox tasks that are assigned to you as part of various HR business processes, including: Create Position, Add Additional Job, Change Job (Data Change or Transfer), Hire Employee or Termination. Cost Center Manager N/A
HR Change Organization Assignments Learn how to change organization assignments for worker, complete the process for Kronos and/or Swipe Clock workers, and change organization assignments on a position. Organization Assignments represent the organizations in Workday to which a worker has been assigned. Manager, HR Roles, Finance Roles N/A
Finance Costing Best Practices The purpose of this document is to describe best practices for different situation that require costing. Manager, HR Roles, Finance Roles N/A
Finance Cost Center Manager Tasks – Verifying the Correct Cost Center Manager As a CCM (Cost Center Manager), you will receive Review and Approval tasks for various business processes. This tip sheet explains how to determine if you are the CCM whose approval is needed. Finance Roles N/A
Finance Grants: Assign Costing Allocation Learn how to initiate this business process, and add an allocation. Similar to the "Assign Costing Allocation," with the added steps and considerations that are required when one or more Grant worktags. Finance Roles N/A
Finance Grants: Create Payroll Accounting Adjustment Learn how to create Payroll Accounting Adjustment, complete the process using distribution percentage, and more. Similar to the "Create Payroll Accounting Adjustment," with the added steps and considerations, as well as the appropriate reasons to choose, when using one or more Grant worktags for pay periods that close as of September 1, 2017. Finance Roles N/A
Finance Modify Costing Allocations for Federal Work Study (FWS) and Lead Work Miami Job Profiles Learn how to modify costing allocations, specifically for student employees in Federal Work Study and Lead Work Miami Job Profiles. Cost Center Manager, Finance BPI N/A